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Sample Feedback

Teaching Technique

“I think he is really good at thinking in new ways about how to present challenging material to the class, he often leads open discussions that allow students to engage in the subject matter.”

“Kaan was always very active and enthusiastic during discussions. He asked critical questions and got us all to engage in class. You can tell he’s been teaching this material for a while because of his deep understandings of the complex ideas and gets us to try to come to those conclusions with his questions. A very genuine person that cares about his students.”

“Kaan was a fantastic TA who was always flexible and available. He also facilitated discussions very well by starting the class off with something but then turning it over to us. He also is very intrigued by the material we learned in the course and this helped to make discussions more thought-provoking and engaging. 5/5 stars for Kaan!”

“Kaan is AMAZING. I would rank him very highly in the list of TA’s I’ve had at UW Madison in my four semesters here. He was great at making his discussion sections interesting by leading new activities every week and encouraging participation. A really great guy with a lot of passion for teaching and I would highly recommend him.”

“I really liked how Kaan used examples from his own life to narrate and make relevant through the course materials. Overall he creatively encouraged independent thought.”


“He is very enthusiastic about the material and very approachable for students.”

“Kaan is most likely the best TA I’ve ever had at UW-Madison. He’s so nice and open with everyone. It’s honestly an inspiration!”

“Such a friendly and caring person who really cared about what he was teaching and about how his students were learning. Overall amazing TA.”

Classroom Inclusion

“I loved the way that Kaan attempted to include every students experiences in the discussion.”

“Kaan was an amazing TA. I was concerned taking this class that I might not feel 100% comfortable in the discussions, but he has created a safe learning environment where people are able to freely express their ideas without being judged. I would recommend Kaan to other potential students.”

“Kaan is one of the best TA’s I have ever had. He makes the class an open environment for everybody and makes discussion enjoyable.”


“Kaan was an excellent TA. Given the amount of work that he has to grade, he always finished grading in a timely manner and graded fairly. He was a great TA.”

“I really liked Kaan, one of my favorite TA’s during my experience at Madison so far. I really liked the way he set up discussion and was a very fair grader.”

“He was extremely friendly and was really focused on having us learn and understand the material. He wanted to make sure we were able to understand the concepts and gave great feedback on assignments.”

Real-World Connectivity

“One of the best TAs I have ever had because he made discussion very interesting and always had things for us to talk about in relation to our own lives and the world around us.”

“He does a great job at further expanding on topics from lecture. Moreover, he always makes a point to connect what we are learning to real world examples or experiences. This helps to gain a better understanding of how certain topics actually effect real world people.”

“Kaan is a great TA. I found all of the in class exercises to be interesting and variable. I enjoyed how we didn’t simply relearn the information from lecture but actually built off of it.”

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